Celestron Nexstar 8se

The Celestron Nexstar 8SE Telescope is an excellent choice for beginners and experienced astronomers alike. This telescope has all the features you need to get started exploring the night sky and enough power to keep you interested for years. The Celestron Nexstar 8SE Telescope Review will help you decide if this is the best telescope for your needs.

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Celestron Nexstar 8SE Telescope Review

The Celestron Nexstar 8SE Telescope is an ideal choice for those who want to capture gorgeous images of the night sky. It’s packed with excellent features, including:

  • A SkyAlign system that makes it easy to align your telescope on any three bright celestial objects in the sky
  • An optical tube made from aluminum and high-quality glass optics that make views sharper than ever before
  • Smartphone compatibility so you can easily use your phone as a camera or finder guide

Easy to use

The NexStar 8SE is easy to set up, use, carry and store. It’s based on the Celestron CGEM mount and has a great accessory kit. The tabletop design makes it easy to transport and set up in any location to enjoy astronomy from your backyard or a remote campsite.

GoTo mount

The NexStar 8SE has a GoTo mount that automatically locates objects in the sky, so you won’t need to align your telescope manually. This means there is no need to know the names of constellations or stars—or how to find the North Star! You simply enter an object into your telescope’s database and let it go work for you. The device will automatically locate and track any heavenly body with its motorized drive system, making for smooth tracking through the night sky.

Celestron Nexstar 8SE Telescope Review
Celestron Nexstar 8SE Telescope Review

The GoTo mount also has two eyepieces that offer different magnifications: 25mm and 10mm (39x). These are great options if you’re looking for more light-gathering power or more expansive views of deep space objects like galaxies and nebulae—they’ll give you up-close looks at what’s out there without sacrificing quality to an essential pair of binoculars.

Lightweight, compact, and easy to carry

The NexStar 8SE is a lightweight, compact, and easy-to-carry telescope. It weighs 19 pounds (8kg) and measures only 44 x 16.7 x 20 inches (111 x 42 x 51cm). This means it can be carried easily by one person, making it suitable for use on various terrains, including in the field or backyard.

The NexStar 8SE has an Altazimuth mount, making it very easy to set up and use. All you need to do is align the optical tube with Polaris (the North Star), level its base plate, and then rotate the tube until it points at Polaris before attaching any eyepieces or other accessories. Alignment takes less than 30 seconds!

Once aligned with Polaris, users can choose whether they would like manual control over their telescope or if they prefer auto-tracking functionality, which will automatically slew their scope across stars as they move through space along their nightly orbit around Earth’s Northern Hemisphere horizon; no more setting up targets yourself manually!

High-quality optics with a large aperture

The aperture is the diameter of an optical telescope’s primary lens or mirror. The larger the aperture, the more light can be gathered and magnified. For example, a 4-inch telescope with a 40mm objective lens will gather more light than a 50mm (the same size) scope with a 32mm objective lens.

This makes it possible to see fainter and more distant objects than those visible through smaller scopes. Aperture also affects image quality: The larger the aperture, the better your images will look because there’s less chance of distortion or chromatic aberration (a rainbow effect).

Computerized mount with a database of over 40,000 objects

The Nexstar 8SE is a computerized mount that uses the SkyAlign technology to align itself. This means you do not need to align it manually, as you would with an analog telescope. The mount also has a database of over 40,000 objects, including stars and galaxies. This can be accessed through Celestron’s computerized hand controller (HCD), which makes finding celestial bodies easy. Because of this feature, the telescope can be used for astrophotography or general viewing.

Object location accuracy of 1 arc minute with just two button presses

It’s awesome that you can locate objects with such precision. For example, if you were to drive from San Francisco to Seattle (about 500 miles), the NexStar 8SE would show you exactly where each object is located in that city. That’s not just because it has a database of over 120,000 objects — it also has a fast-to-update dual-axis motorized altazimuth mount with Celestron All Sky alignment technology that uses GPS data to align itself with any part of the sky.

With just two button presses on its hand controller, this telescope automatically sets up and locks onto your target using its patented SkyAlign system, which has been refined over the years by dedicated amateur astronomers into one of the most accurate computer-guided systems available today!

Can be used traditionally or attached to a camera or observing device

The Nexstar 8 SE can be used traditionally or attached to a camera or observing device. The Nexstar 8 SE has a built-in, high-resolution USB port that lets users easily connect their computer or laptop. The SkyPortal app allows you to control and control your telescope with your smartphone or tablet.

The NexStar 8SE also includes Celestron’s AllSky Planner computerized planetarium software preinstalled on its flash drive. You will have access to information about over 14 million stars and additional deep-sky objects like nebulas and galaxies at the touch of a few buttons!

Integrated wedge for equatorial alignment of the computerized mount with up to 8 degrees of latitude adjustment

The NexStar 8SE telescope features an integrated wedge for equatorial alignment of the computerized mount with up to 8 degrees of latitude adjustment. This allows you to align the telescope with your location and eliminates the need for separate equipment and lengthy set-up times.

18mm and 9mm eyepieces and red dot finder included with the purchase (more available as additional accessories)

The NexStar 8SE comes with 18mm and 9mm eyepieces and a red dot finder. If you’re planning on upgrading your viewing experience with more powerful eyepieces, the 8SE accepts many 1.25″ accessories. A simple upgrade from the included lens will boost your magnification by a factor of ten or more!

The 8SE has a maximum magnification of 228x, which is more than enough to see the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn with ease. This telescope will also give you a crystal-clear view of the four largest moons in our solar system: Titan, Callisto, Europa, and Io. The 6″ aperture collects more light than smaller telescopes, allowing you to see details like dust storms on Mars or the colorful atmosphere of Venus.

This is a high-quality telescope for an affordable price with everything you need.

This is a high-quality telescope for an affordable price with everything you need. The Nexstar 8SE has all the accessories you’ll need to get started, including two eyepieces, two different types of mountings, and cables to connect it all together. It’s easy to use and highly portable. You can even use it in your backyard or camping at night if you’re into astronomy.

The optics are also good quality–I’m sure they could be better, but they’re good enough for beginning astronomers!

One thing I like about this telescope is that its portability makes it easy to use anywhere outdoors or indoors (but please don’t look through the eyepiece while indoors). Another great feature is that there’s no assembly required out of the box when opening up this package–all components come preassembled, so all you have left to do is insert batteries into its motorized base unit before powering on the device itself!


In conclusion, this is an excellent telescope for beginners. It’s easy to use and comes with everything you need right out of the box. The Nexstar 8SE is great for anyone looking for an entry-level telescope that provides excellent value for its price.

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